about us

CUE Broadcast is an entertainment service unlike any other. We are poised to take advantage of the exploding market of delivering digital content. What sets us apart is the combination of live TV applications of the average cable service, with the convenience, bingeability and immediate gratification of a subscription service. With CUE Broadcast, you aren't limited to one or the other, subscribers can watch their hometown news from anywhere, watch premier events and also watch hit movies and TV series and only pay one low monthly price!


Our products are truly revolutionary. We provide access to digital streaming content like no other. In addition, we plan to provide a broadcast platform (often referred to as "channels") for schools, churches, non-profit organizations and other groups which will provide an additional avenue to reach their audience.

Leader in Technology

Even though CUE is a relative newcomer to the industry, we are poised as a leader in the market by delivering a streaming TV package that very few companies are offering. We will also be adding internet service, so with our modems, internet, and content package we will be able to deliver unparalleled service.